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Logpoint releases Logpoint 7.1 to simplify secure digital transformation

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Logpoint releases Logpoint 7.1 to simplify secure digital transformation

  • Strengthens the unified platform with updates and improvements across SIEM, SOAR and UEBA to enhance the holistic approach to cybersecurity
  • Improves monitoring across cloud platforms, decreases barriers for security teams to benefit from SOAR and accelerates threat detection and response.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark & BOSTON, August 9, 2022 - Logpoint announces the release of Logpoint 7.1 with upgrades to its SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA technologies to enhance the Converged SIEM platform and bolster cyber protection. The new features enable users to simplify security operations with improved UIs, workflows and automation options for faster threat detection and response.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated organizations’ digital transformation. Many have invested heavily in cloud services to address the urgent changes in employee and customer requirements prompted by lockdowns and social distancing. For example, 2020 saw a rise of 30 percent in cloud adoption from 2018. As a result, SOC teams scramble to monitor security events across cloud platforms efficiently. Logpoint 7.1 solves that with a generic interface to fetch data from various data sources.

“The accelerated cloud adoption puts pressure on security teams to monitor security events on cloud platforms efficiently,” said Gitte Gade, Product Marketing Manager at Logpoint. “With Logpoint 7.1, we have removed the hassle of requesting separate plugins for different platforms with a universal fetcher that ensures simple configuration for cloud platforms. We essentially empower security teams to protect organizations that have had to jump head first into a digital transformation.”

In Logtpoint 7.1, the SOAR tool has a new user interface (UI) for editing and managing playbooks, actions, and triggers. It makes modifying existing playbooks and creating new ones easier for every organization. Additionally, generic playbooks have been updated to allow for multiple alternative tools for similar actions, enabling security analysts to select a generic action, regardless of the tool they use.

“SOAR is meant to make your security operations more productive, even with limited resources. However, getting started on automation and playbooks can be daunting,” said Gitte Gade. “With the upgrades in Logpoint 7.1, automating tasks and simple threat responses is more manageable. We enable security teams to reap the benefits of SOAR more efficiently, and as a result, security teams can spend time chasing more dire threats.”

In 2020, 68 percent of organizations confirmed that insider attacks are becoming more frequent. Security teams and threat hunters need technology to support their work to detect those internal threats. Logpoint 7.1 includes a complete redesign of the UEBA UI that makes navigation more accessible and lets threat hunters spot significant insider threats faster and investigate accordingly.

All the upgrades in Logpoint 7.1 enhance the holistic approach to cybersecurity, minimize the time it takes for security teams to detect, orchestrate and respond to cyber incidents and reduce the risk of devastating cyberattacks.

To learn more about all the upgrades and improvements in Logpoint 7.1, visit Logpoint’s blog post here.

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Logpoint is the creator of a reliable, innovative cybersecurity operations platform — empowering organizations worldwide to thrive in a world of evolving threats. By combining sophisticated technology and a profound understanding of customer challenges, LogPoint bolsters security teams’ capabilities while helping them combat current and future threats. Logpoint offers SIEM, UEBA, SOAR and SAP security technologies converged into a complete platform that efficiently detects threats, minimizes false positives, autonomously prioritizes risks, responds to incidents, and much more. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with offices around the world, Logpoint is a multinational, multicultural, and inclusive company. For more information, visit


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