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Logpoint and SecurValue partner to secure organizations in Southern Europe
Logpoint and SecurValue partner to secure organizations in Southern Europe

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Logpoint and SecurValue partner to secure organizations in Southern Europe

The Managed Service Provider SecurValue partners with Logpoint to help organizations manage risk and mitigate cyber threats in the South European market with enhanced defense capabilities.

COPENHAGEN, January 22, 2024 – Logpoint announced today a partnership with the Italian Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) SecurValue, providing cybersecurity services to help customers detect and respond to cyber threats. Armed with Logpoint’s modern SIEM+SOAR solution, SecurValue can offer more robust threat detection and response, real-time data analysis, early detection of data breaches, and easy implementation of compliance requirements.

“We’re happy to partner with SecurValue to help organizations strengthen security posture and cyber resilience. They share our vision for conducting long-term business in Southern Europe,” says Christian Pijoulat, Regional Director SEMEA at Logpoint. “SecurValue has a tailored approach to their customers, based on skilled cybersecurity professionals and trusted technologies, and we’re proud that Logpoint’s solution is now a part of that.”

The Southern European market is preparing for the local implementations of the Network Information Security (NIS)2 directive from the European Union to increase cyber resilience across the EU. The directive will expand the existing regulations within data and cybersecurity, introducing stricter requirements for a broad range of sectors. Non-compliance and failure to report incidents will result in significant fines and sanctions.

“We’re excited to add Logpoint to our portfolio to offer our customers improved security capabilities, streamlined operations, and enhanced compliance adherence,” says Fabio Cagna Vallino, Cyber Security BU Director at SecurValue. “CEOs across the region are becoming aware that cyber threats are a top concern and that investments in cybersecurity are essential to minimize cyber risk. Especially small and medium-sized organizations are struggling with the lack of cybersecurity professionals trained to handle threats effectively, which leaves them at a major risk of exposure.”

SecurValue will offer the Logpoint SIEM+SOAR solution, which analyzes security incidents and automates the investigation of threats, improving cyber intelligence, reducing cybersecurity risk, and accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response. SecurVlaue will also use Logpoint Director, a platform that helps MSSPs and MDRs update, manage, and monitor large and multitenant deployments.

SecurValue is an Italian multinational cybersecurity firm that provides cybersecurity services to enhance customers’ security posture and increase cyber resilience. SecurValue offers various services, including security assessments, cyber defense, security operations, business resilience, and security governance.



About LogPoint
Logpoint is the creator of a reliable, innovative cybersecurity operations platform — empowering organizations worldwide to thrive in a world of evolving threats. By combining sophisticated technology and a profound understanding of customer challenges, LogPoint bolsters security teams’ capabilities while helping them combat current and future threats. Logpoint offers SIEM, UEBA, SOAR and SAP security technologies converged into a complete platform that efficiently detects threats, minimizes false positives, autonomously prioritizes risks, responds to incidents, and much more. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with offices around the world, Logpoint is a multinational, multicultural, and inclusive company. For more information, visit

About SecurValue

SecurValue is an Italian multinational Cyber Security firm that provides vertical Cyber Security expertise and services to prevent, defend and respond to cyber threats. Its goal is to add value to its Customers by increasing their security posture and Cyber Resilience. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, it’s a subsidiary of NPO Torino (Ricoh Group) with worldwide reach and offices in EMEA, NAFTA, LATAM and APAC regions. SecurValue is a young, multicultural, and inclusive company with a growing customer base and a winning tailor made approach to client needs that is based on three important mission pillars: business resilience, confident use of technologies and a team of reliable cyber ready people!


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